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Portfolio List v3

Portfolio List v3

City Walk

Apartment with a large balcony-terrace, overlooking the pool and courtyard. It is located in Dubai, the UAE. The area is 160 square meters.  There are a kitchen-living room, a master bedroom, a dressing room, kidsroom with bathroom, staff room. We did quite a lot of redevelopment inside this project, since it had not very convenient apartment layout. We tore down the walls and put up new ones the way we want. As in Dubai there is fast pace of life, and there is a lack of coziness and landscaping, so the main concept of this apartment is comfort, the most homely space as it is possible.


Apartment for a young family with a big dog. It is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The area is 71 square meters. We worked on: • a bedroom; •  a kitchen-living room; • a kidsroom; • a balcony; • a bathroom. Owners wanted the bedroom to have a dressing table. We also managed to create a spacious American-style dressing room with beautiful green onyx. In this project we made a kitchen-living room with cozy TV-zone and a neutral kidsroom, because the family will soon be expecting a baby.


This apartment is stylish, harmonious, but at the same time cozy. It is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The area is 53  square meters.  As always, a lot of installation work was done to organize a convenient layout of the apartment: • a kitchen-living room; • a bedroom with dressing room; • a hallway; • a bathroom.  The main highlight of the apartment is the bedroom, in which we made a wardrobe with transparent glass. All the clothes could be seen and it would be convenient to pick up outfit for every day. Also, the  wish of owners was to organize the space so that there is a workplace to work from home.

Villa 500

The villa is located in the UAE. The area is 500 square meters with super high ceilings of 3.7 m. There are three bedrooms, two living rooms, 6 bathrooms. It is made in a modern style. The palette of the villa consists of neutral natural shades with accents in some rooms.  The area of ​​the villa is really large, so the main task was to save one style, but make each room special. We also worked on the exterior and landscape on in this project.

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