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General FAQ

The design concept will be presented in the form of 2D collages and will show the general idea
and the proposed style of the premises. In more detail, all the details can be viewed on 3D.

We will show photorealistically every significant corner of your space to convey the atmosphere
and feeling inside, 100% imagine yourself in the interior.

Let’s draw each node, plan, element, detail. Where and how many sockets, from where certain lamps are switched on, we will think about how to do everything as conveniently and efficiently as possible. We will provide all plans, sections, sweeps, custom-made furniture schemes so that builders do not have questions.

Let’s calculate the content of the project in blocks: decoration, furniture, appliances, plumbing, electrical, textiles, decor.
Stay within the agreed budget.

We will issue a beautiful project folder to you and an album of drawings to the builders. Congratulations on the end of the project
and be sure to ask if you liked it, because feedback is very important to us.

Start of construction — we offer several teams to choose from, we agree on the best option, we receive a work schedule from the team.

We draw up a procurement plan broken down by months, we prepare for you a monthly construction financing plan, we start the sequential purchase of all positions.
We take care of all communication with suppliers, logistics, complaints, coordination of details.